• "A Reality Few Can See"

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    Texas Shrugged Book Cover

    Friends, I'm Quantum of Conscience Matt McKinley. I have never taken a penny in ad revenue on Youtube in eight years. I have no "Patreon Account." This books is over 1,000 hours of personal research, writing, and editing. I am currently reading this book on YouTube.

    This is a donation button for almost 50 hours of book I am reading. However, if you are short on funds please just keep listening. IF THIS IS THE CASE, PAY NOTHING. Others with the means, please pay what you think this book is worth. Someday I would like to print a run of 500 or so books and sell paperbacks. Thank you!

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    Guys, as I mentioned in a few videos, I am wary of putting this book out on Amazon. First, when you agree to their terms and conditions who knows what you are agreeing to? If they decide to remove the book would I even be allowed to sell it myself? Who knows. Amazon is one of the dark creatures at the big boy table of this world. Even if they play fair, who wants a big chunk of what you pay for the book to make Dr. Evil (Jeff Bezos) even richer!

    This book is currently being read, chapter by chapter, on my YouTube channel Quantum of Conscience (conScience NOT conscious.) I will NEVER get to a point where, like so many others, I threaten to stop reading unless people pay. Unlike so many, I don't host ONLY my first hour for free or lure you in, get you hooked, and only offer more if you pay. NO WAY!

    Between the last two YouTube channels I have eclipsed 4 million views. I never placed an ad. I NEVER made a penny for reasons I have discussed in the past.

  • "A Reality Few Can See"

    By: Matt McKinley

    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    E-mail: teapartycinema@gmail.com
    Guys, this is an old mailbox when I believed elections were real.

    Embarrassing as it is, I may as well use this box vs. the hassel of setting up something new. As emails increase, I may not be able to reply back to all, but I should see them all.