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    Friends, I'm Matt McKinley - Quantum of Conscience. I have never taken a penny in ad revenue from Youtube in nine years. I consider it dirty money. I have no "Patreon Account." Would you consider a small "monthly" recurring Paypal donation so I can continue to do this?

    This supports the Podcast and the making of other videos. I have published more than 500 videos over the years with 8 of the 9 years not asking for a single donation. I can no longer afford to do that and ask for your support in keeping this going. It's easy to set up a small, recurring donation. Thank you! I have no other employment at this time and would like to put full effort into this while "reality" is exposing itself!

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  • Guys, these don't work! I hate social media anyway!

  • "A Reality Few Can See" is now titled "The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right!"

    As of January 2020 I have read the entire book on YouTube which I believe was roughly 60 hours. All donors to the channel will get a copy of the book via email/PDF. The book is only available in PDF format at this time. I am looking at printers but it will take a few months to get the first few hundred books printed.

    Moving forward I will put my efforts into this 2 hour weekly podcast. At the minimum, reality is not what it seems. We will continue to "examine it," but for the right reasons, learning what we need to do for ourselves. "The System" wants us focused on it, and fighting it. A waste-of-time screen exercise.

  • "Quantum of Conscience"

    Matt McKinley

    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    E-mail: teapartycinema@gmail.com
    Guys, this is an old mailbox when I believed elections were real.

    As of January 2020 this email box is still working. I read almost all emails although there are some I can't reply to. By the way, "Not-nilc" is "Clinton" backwards, what I named this reality. It does not deserve to be flattered!